Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25 - Shuffle your IPOD

Today's challenge was put your Ipod on shuffle & list the first 10 songs.  Since I don't have an Ipod, I am going to put my Ptunes (phone) on random and share the first 10 songs it plays...

  1. Redneck Yacht Club - Craig Morgan
  2. Cowboy- Kid Rock
  3. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
  4. Daydream Believer - Monkeys
  5. Young Love -Judds
  6. Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Kris Allen
  8. You Lifted Me Out - Chris Tomlin
  9. Simple Kind of Life - No Doubt
  10. It's Five O'clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson
There ya have it - I listen to pretty much anything -It has been a while since I downloaded any new music... 

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