Monday, October 25, 2010

A month of Thanksgiving - Day 2

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As a round of storms are threatening Arkansas, and the pressure is up- causing me to be in serious pain - I am reminded of my health.   There are days that are great - then there are days that I can hardly move from the bed... yet, I want to say, I am thankful for my health.  Sound silly?  It's not.  I know that even on my worse day, in the worse pain I am in there is someone out there who's health is worse than mine.  Who's health is declining faster than mine.  Who will not ever had a good day again.

After seeing Dementia completely take my Meme away from us (mentally), I am thankful for my mental health.  Dementia got a hold of her and when it started progressing, it moved fast.  She doesn't know who we are anymore.  It's hard for me to see her like that, but we do go visit with her and sometimes there is a glimmer of her old self there.  I am now to the point with her that I just hang on to the memories....

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  1. Precious words of giving thanks during our trials. He blesses those that can see beyond our pain! I pray that you will feel His loving arms around you and stand beside you on those days when it hurts to get out of bed.


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