Saturday, September 25, 2010

What did I sign up for??

Saturday morning started off pretty good.  I helped out at a Parent Interest Meeting for Girl Scouts and we actually had a good turn out, and a couple of momma's that seemed interested in leading a troop!

I left the meeting and met my sister at the grocery store and grabbed a handful of groceries- both personal & Girl Scouts - because- are you ready - they are staying at my house tonight!

They pitched a tent -in the dark; started a fire- in the dark & had dinner - in the dark!  But that didn't slow them down any... they had a great time - we planned our own Astronomy CampOut (there was one offered by the council, but it was full, so the girls suggested we do our own).  We had a scavenger hunt, had some discussion & were able to find the moon in the telescope.  I think the girls had a ton of fun - they will all be going to church with us in the morning!

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