Saturday, September 4, 2010

Destination Disney: Celebrate Today!

Destination Disney is back!  We’re going to try hosting the meme on a new day – Saturday – in the hopes that it’s not such a busy meme day and we’ll be able to have more participation. 
We’re also “getting back to basics”.  The goal is to help you plan your next Disney vacation – whether you’ve already got it on the calendar or you’re just in the “dreaming of Disney” stage.  So look for our September topics to be pretty basic – yet fun!
This year’s theme at Disney is Celebrate Today!  So, we’d like to start out by asking you a few questions about celebrating --- let's discuss why we would plan a trip to Disney.
  • What will you Celebrate?  Hmm, maybe a birthday?  Kiddos will turn 13 the same year I turn 40... maybe a good reason to celebrate?
  • If you are a seasoned guest, what have you celebrated at Disney? Include pictures! We have gone several times, but there was no celebrations - just a family trip!
  • If a Disney vacation is just a dream, what would you like to celebrate at Disney and why?  I think the big year for us will be their 13th birthday... I just now figured out that we will be hitting significant birthdays together... may look in to planning something big!
Share your Celebration ideas on your blog, and then come back here and link up!  (If you need a little bit of inspiration, check out the Disney website. You’re sure to get ideas there!) We can’t wait to see what YOU are celebrating!  Be sure to stop by Heidi's Blog and let her know what you are celebrating!

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  1. What great things to celebrate! I need to post my celebration too. :)


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