Monday, August 9, 2010

Destination Disney: Disney Decorating

We’ll make this a two-fold topic this week:
  1. Are any of the rooms in your home decorated in a Disney theme?  If so, what room(s) and how are the decorated?  (please share pictures)  If not, but you’d like them to be, please explain your dream room to us. No Disney decorations here... I like Disney OK, but not *that* much of a fan of it! Closest I have ever come, when I first moved out on my own, I had a Disney Christmas tree for a couple of years.
  2. Would you like to stay in a Disney-themed room at a Disney resort?  If you could be in charge of decorating one of these themed rooms, what theme would you choose and why?  How would you decorate it? Get creative and share colors, fabrics, etc.  I think it would be cool to stay in a themed room - just to get you in the magical spirit!  Not to be a BORE, but I love the recent stuff that has been out that has been the Mickey gloves, with the red, black, yellow and white!  I *almost* tried to talk Rog into doing that in our kitchen, it was just so cute!  
So, post away about your Disney Decorating – and go here to Heidi's post and link up! 

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  1. I agree, Christa. I love that red, black, and white Mickey glove stuff for the kitchen. I enjoy going into the kitchen stores and browsing. Such fun stuff. I think I'll break down and buy myself an apron next time. :)


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