Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baker Publishing: The Faith Dare by Debbie Alsdorf

Taken from Baker's Publishing:What would happen if you lived out your faith every day, in every situation?

Jesus came to give us abundant life. So why are so many of us living with worn-out faith, struggling just to get by? What if there was something more? What if we could be set free from worry, fear, and the constant cycle of searching for significance?

The Faith Dare is a 30-day challenge for women who want to develop a new habit of focusing on God's ways and daily awareness of his presence. It is for women who are tired of ho-hum living and want to break the pattern of self-reliance and people pleasing by putting their trust in God alone and living to please him. This personalized study guide, including daily readings, affirmations, and challenges, help you live in the power of God's Word.

Whether you do this with a group of girlfriends or by yourself, the next 30 days can change your life. If you're ready to discover what it looks like to live out real faith every day, open this book and take the challenge.

I dare you.

Dimensions:5.5 x 8.5
Number of pages:240
Carton Quantity:48
Publication Date:Jul. 10

I have been working on a different daily devotion and I have finished that one and have just recently started on Faith Dare.  So far ~ I love is really making me think...

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