Monday, June 28, 2010

Destination Disney: 16 Wishes

Wow... this is hard!  Sixteen wishes for a great Disney Vacation...

  1. No time limit- we can go back home whenever we want.
  2. No expenses- for anything!
  3. More characters roaming the parks 
  4. No lines on any rides
  5. More - more awesome - photo opps!
  6. Me to be able to walk the parks without tiring
  7. Electric walkways?
  8. Being able to go on all the rides - I think we have done all of them -but let's go again!
  9. Nice weather
  10. Taking the time to splurge on the extra's
  11. Staying in each one of the themed resorts
There's a good start anyways... Go tell Heidi about your list!

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