Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woohooo!!! Loved my grocery shopping today!!!

Ok, I have checked out the Grocery Game before and even paid for it for a couple of months, but really didn't feel like I was saving enough to justify it, so I quit.  I tried to do it on my own a time or two and over time, I have gotten better about ad searching and matching up what's on sale with my coupons and saving.  Then, I found Coupon Mom.  From what I can tell, Coupon Mom is pretty much the same thing.  So, I have been watching her site, reading and just seeing what I need to do.

Coupon Mom posts the sales ads, along with any coupons (and when they were in the paper) for Target, WalMart, Walgreens and CVS on Sunday.  There is a drop-down menu to choose your state and it has Kroger listed for AR.  Kroger sales run from Wed- Tues.  My normal errand day, including grocery shopping is Wednesday.  That is also the day that the Kroger ad comes out here, so I may be cutting it close on some weeks, but we with deal with that when I run into that problem.  Anyways, you can pull up the list of what is on sale and check your items and then it will pull up your grocery list!  All the extra stuff is GONE!

And, since the world is on spring break this week (we are not, but all of their friends are) everything is screwy anyways.  So, since my kiddos are with a friend at the local Animal Shelter doing time (hehe...they are volunteering) I decided to go ahead and knock out grocery shopping today - alone - minus 3-5 kiddos that I will have on Wednesday this week!

So, I pulled up all the lists, checked off my items and hit print.  The only work I actually had to do was compare what was on sale at more than one place and figure out which I was going to use.  I didn't keep up with that while I was checking, I just checked any/everything that we use.  If it is a good enough deal, then it is a stock-up item!!  I compared deals and checked my coupons~ here is the deal breaker for me: Kroger doubles up to .65cents. So, once I had all my lists made out, I headed out to shop!

Here are some of my deals that I got this week! 

First, I went to Kroger.  The total on my Kroger was $83.08 ~ I paid $53.63! I had a coupon for $5 off of $50 or more.  Kroger is having March Madness sale and there is a list of products that if you purchase 8, then you get $4 off (I purchased 8). I believe those two amounts went onto my Kroger card savings which totaled $23.35, plus I had another $6.10 in coupons.  The two best deals from Kroger were El Paso dinner kits - for some reason, they were on a clearance shelf marked down from $3.19 to $1.59.  They have plenty more shelf life, so I grabbed them, throw in a $1 off two coupon I got them for a little over $1 each! The other deal was Barilla Picolini was on sale for $1.79 (plus, they were part of the March Madness sale) and I had a 55cent off of pasta for .69 cents ~ I can handle that!

I also went to the bread discount store (never been in there before) and got some good deals.  Loaf of Sunbeam Giant for $1 - normally $2.45; 20 soft shells for $1.50 - normally $3.09 and hot dog buns for .88cents - normally $1.39.  I also got some honeybuns that were sale by yesterday for .20cents each.

Over all, my shopping was successful today!  I had right at $100. in my pocket and I still have about $25 of that. 

Total bill from all three stops:  $117.71
Total cash out of pocket:          $75.52

Total Savings for this week:    $42.19

I will be spending much time with Coupon Mom!!

And just for the record...This post is not one that I am getting paid for or compensated for in anyway.  I am sharing because I know how much grocery bills kill us, so anytime I can cut mine I will - if I can help someone else cut theirs as well, then so be it!!

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