Thursday, March 4, 2010

So much for formal schooling!

Today was an odd day for us! Roger was home, and that usually throws us off...but he was out back raking and burning leaves.  Since Samantha was sleeping in, Riley was out with him helping.  Samantha woke up and was eating breakfast when my dad called and asked Roger to go to his neighborhood and check out some smoke that he could see from where he was.

Roger left us in charge of his leaf pile and went to check it out.  I grabbed my fire department radio and got it turned on just in time to hear Roger call the dispatch office and ask for help!  He had 2 small buildings on fire and two houses in danger!! I listened for a few, then realized he was alone...that no one had answered him.  I made Riley go put our fire out and hurried Samantha finish her breakfast and we headed out to the station to help.  We stopped at the station and grabbed drinking water (our normal job), and then headed to the scene.  There were other trucks on scene by the time we arrived there and the fires were out. 

Roger was the only one from our station that was on our truck, so we went back to the station afterwards to help him clean up.  The kiddos and I cleaned off the hose and then they climbed up on top of the truck and helped him get it loaded back up and ready for the next time out.

We were out on that for about 3 hours, so nothing formal was done today, but I know they were learning!

We had Girl Scouts... they are working hard toward their bronze!! Tonight, they completed their Pet Badge.  One of my mom's invivted a couple of workers from the Animal Shelter out and the girls had so much fun and learned so much!!

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