Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long division will be the death...

of someone around here...preferably me!!  We spent 4 hours on 3 pages of math's not that they can't do's just not as easy as they would prefer, so they would rather fall completely apart than just focus and do it.

I am not even sure we could call what they were working on *long* division...I know I have seen longer numbers - both inside and outside the bracket thingy!  UGH!!!!!  I am almost thinking we need to back up and start over at multiplication so they can see the steps again...

We currently use Math U See and overall, I really like it, but is there something else that you would recommend that doesn't provoke tears at least once a week from one of us...please share what you use or your favorite math!

On a happier note, the Girl Scout troop visited the Fire Station tonight!  They asked tons of questions and really enjoyed the visit. One more step toward the Bronze marked off the list!! Scrambled eggs and toast from homemade bread for dinner and then it is bedtime!

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  1. Maybe it will be easier with long division worksheets with partitially completed divisions.


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