Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost through the week of spring clean...

...and I feel like we are making progress! 

Tuesday while the kiddos were outside playing I worked on the school room/office for a while.  It is a constant source of pain when I am cleaning!! 

Wednesday I wasn't feeling great, so I stayed in bed for this morning and let the kiddos have a free morning...I mean, afterall, it is their spring break!!  We didn't do any extra errands while we were out, we just went to music lessons and came back home.  I rested on the couch watching them play Blazing Angels -WWI game on the Wii until church time.  I dropped them at church and Roger and I went to eat dinner - back to the BBQ place! Yum!!  Haven't been there in a while!!  They had the news on and there were storms and tornados in the area so when I headed to church, he headed to the fire station.  I asked him to call and leave messages/ text me on the weather.  When I got out of church, he had left a message that said stay there - it is the safest place in the community!! Once he gave me the ok to go, we went to the station to hang out with them.  Thankfully, the warning that was over us during church was the last one for the night!

Today, Riley asked if he could work on the bathroom by himself!  So, I let him have at it!!  While he was doing that, Samantha worked in the dining room and I worked some more on the office.  Once we finished the bathroom and the dining room, the kiddos went out to play!  We are down to the kitchen (which I was planning on Friday after I make cupcakes for the birthday party) and some picking up in the schoolroom!

Girl Scouts meeting tonight, we started on our Friendship Flags!  They all worked hard and hopefully we will finish them this next meeting or so!!  They are going to be so cute when we are done with them!  I will post a picture of the one that Samantha ends up with and share how we did it!  Roger was at a Fire Department board meeting, so it was late when he got home and we didn't get to watch Survivor! He will be at the station on Friday, so not sure when we will watch it!

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