Monday, February 8, 2010

What is this white stuff??

I know that you are not going to believe it...we woke up to snow!  In central AR!!!  Rarely happens here!!  I woke early and turned on the news and they were talking about snow...I thought they had flipped, so I checked out the window - the groud was covered!! I couldn't tell how much, so I got up and went to the backyard...looked like about 2 inches.  I texted Rog and told him to BE CAREFUL!  He was at work and had to drive home in it.

I woke the kiddos up, they were not amused and went back to sleep... when they finally got up and going and Rog got home, they went out back and built a snowman and chased the dog (she was pretty wound up about it).  They also went over to gramma's to play with Chunky ~ they ended up having snowball fights and building a snowman over there.  Rog had a couple friends join him over there she fed them all lunch and they played a bit more, then Rog came home without the kiddos.  He did bring friends though...they played Guitart Hero while I made enchiladas for dinner...

My day constisted of sitting in front of the fire and working on my blog!  To those of you who get it on reader or check it often, I am still in the process of moving my old blog (trying hard to get it done) so please bear with me until I get it moved - 5 years worth of blogging is a lot to move!

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  1. I love the pictures!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Snow is much better than ice, huh?


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