Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something new today!

We got up and had a normal school day this morning, then after lunch, we headed to 4H.  The kiddos are part of the Music small group and they did a presentation on the song Star Spangled Banner, telling about when and how it was written and they leading it in song.  It was a small and simple presentation, but my kiddos were up there- and read their lines- which is pretty big for them!!  Hopefully, our 4H group will start giving them more opportunity to do so (now that I am no longer in charge!).

After 4H, we visited a ballet class.  I wasn't sure if Samantha would care for it or not, but thought we would give it a try.  She LOVED it!  There were a handful of homeschool girls there that she is friends with, so that made it even more fun.  Since she enjoyed it so much, we decided to go for it - $10 a month, 30 minutes a week, can't beat that!!

At Girl Scouts tonight, we wrapped up the last little bit of Italy for Thinking Day!  I guess we are ready to pull it off!!

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