Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homeschool Crew: Math Tutor DVD

Another box in the mail!! YAY!!  This time it was from Math Tutor DVD.  We received two DVD's from the company and the kiddos wanted to pop them in immediately!  The first one was Young Minds, Numbers and Counting. It was a really cute video!!  We watched it all the way through...the only issue I had with kiddos are almost 10 and this was a VERY basic counting video.  This video didn't have an age on it, but I think it was very easily preschool or even lower.  The pictures were super, had great quality, were bright and full of color.  Just, for our house, it was very basic.  The kiddos suggested we donate it to the library, so that is what we did with it.

The other DVD that was in our box was Basic Word Problems.  It is 8 lessons and it reminds me very much of the teachers DVD with our current math program.  We have been watching and working through a lesson a week and they have really enjoyed watching it.  I feel like that they are paying attention and learning from this DVD.  I have felt that word problems is where my kiddos were lacking with their current program (not that the program doesn't have word problems..just my kiddos weren't *getting it*).  I think this DVD has helped them to understand the concept of the word problems.

**Disclaimer: As part of the Homeschool Crew, this product was provided to me FREE of charge in exchange for my honest review.  For more opinions and reviews, please visit the Crew link above.

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