Thursday, July 23, 2009


Why would anyone in their right mind make an appointment for 8:00 in the morning  -in the next city???
Not sure of the answer to that, but I am just going to say - I must not be in my right mind.  Samantha had an appointment with the ENT this morning sometime before the sun rises - and thankfully, everyone (but me) has handled the day very well!
ENT appointment went well, her hearing is normal and her ears looked really well.  He couldn't see any obvious reason there would be nose bleeds and told me next time she has one to try and get her in to see him within 24 hours so he could check her out then.  He also wants to set her up an appointment with the speech pathologist that is there for an evaluation.  The nurse is going to have to call me back on that one though.
We left the appointment and went to Krispy Kreme -kiddos never tire of seeing the donuts come off the line!  We grabbed some breakfast, then headed back to the house - we are expecting the little one this afternoon and I have tons to do at home.  As we crossed the Arkansas River, they started talking about Pinnacle Mountain -they want to go and climb it, so we decided we may do that soon.  I am not one to be able to get very far up the side of it, but we will see!!
There was a bit of craziness around here at one point, with numerous children coming and going - but things smoothed out!
We hung out at the house doing almost nothing the rest of the day ~ dinner was Chicken Alfredo with bow-ties, then after the kitchen was clean, I left out for a meeting.
One of those meetings that I really wasn't feeling today, and didn't want to go to, but did anyways.  Was overjoyed to find out I was the only one that showed!  I waited a few, then headed back to the house!  We are all going to pile in the bed and veg to something that they were all watching when I came in!
I stopped and got Em from my mom -she was with dad at a doctor appointment (please keep him in your prayers).  And after a bit of drama at the house, the afternoon was fine!  Well, little one was bound and determined that she was not going to take a nap and she was so tired she couldn't even play - but other than that - great afternoon!  Mom and dad came and got Em and the kiddos for dinner.  Rog and I ran up the road for a bite, then I had a meeting.  I wasn't really wanting to go to the meeting, apparently, neither was anyone else - since I was the only one that showed! 
I am back home, waiting on the kiddos to get home so we can head to bed.  Rog goes back to the station tomorrow after being off with me for a few days.

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