Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Monday

Holiday Monday?? Where'd that come from??  We didn't have plans to take off school for today (yes, I know...mean mom!), but with Riley gone to Tennessee with Gramma, and Samantha was going to volunteer with just didn't happen!

Speaking of not happening...Samantha and Emmy didn't get to volunteer at the animal shelter as planned, back to that whole holiday thing...

Rog and I hung out and played Guitar Hero with some friends...Riley got home about 4:30 and joined in with us...

I had Bible Study at church, we have dinner there, so the boys were on their own.  Samantha still wasn't home when I left, she ended up having dinner with Emmy and her mom.

Our current bible study is The Prayer of Jabez.  It is broke into four weeks with a page a day.  We meet every two weeks and we got almost through day one!  This is going to be a super study!  I am really excited about it! Thanks Nennie for keeping this going!

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