Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Web Design For Kids

Alright ~ I am not sure how to approach this one.  I truly have mixed reviews about this product.  I guess just spilling my honesty will be the best way to approach it. 
Web Design for Kids....And Curious Grown Ups
I have to admit, I was pretty excited about this.  I have played around with HTML coding a little - enough to make my blog look like this.  However, with the blog, it was one of those things that once I got it where I was satisfied with it, I walked away and left it alone. Why, you ask?  Because it was really confusing and there was A LOT of time spent trying codes here, then checking it, not liking it and starting over.  Truthfully, I am scared to try to change anything with it, because I am not sure I could get it to a point I liked it, or back to where it was.  My philosophy with this has been - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  Besides, this blog look really tells it like it is with our family, and I truly am happy with it.

Anyways, I watched the DVD, took notes (had to, the DVD player and the computer are in 2 different rooms) and then spent some time playing around with it.  I do feel like I learned some things.  The kiddos, on the other hand...even at 9, didn't interest them!  They watched a few minutes with me, thought it was neat that they could do that 'cool stuff' on the computer, and that was about it.  They do not spend much time on the computer, so much of the DVD was over their head.
So, my final opinion on this DVD ~ great for those starting out and wanting to learn, kids or adults!  For my kiddos? It is going up for a few years, when they are older and a little more computer savvy, we will pull it back out and see!

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