Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of School!

Well, even though I wasn't quite ready, we started school today! 
We don't really do anything special for our first day each year, however, we do go out for breakfast on the first day of public school.  In the past, we have gone by ourselves to IHOP.  This year, several of our moms in my  homeschool group decided to join in, and we are going easy on the budget and heading to a donut shop instead.  I will be glad when they decide on which one!!
We started our day really late!  None of us woke up until 10am!!  I was worried that that would be the wrong foot to start the day on - turns out, it was the best thing that happened all day!  They were GREAT! today and I think it was because everyone was well rested.  They were hesitant about starting, but our day went really smooth and they had fun, so they are ready for it!
After breakfast, our school started with our Bible Study lesson.  I have the chance to review Grapevine Studies from the Crew, so we are doing the Old Testament Overview.  They didn't know we were doing it as part of school so they were excited to see the pages.  We started with Creation and did about half of that lesson - they both took turns reading from their Bible.
Our Language Arts was a new curriculum - we are using LLATL. After Bible, I read the first chapter of The Boxcar Children (Please, no stones or tomatoes - but I have never read ANY of these!!) and had a little discussion about it.  There was no grammar lesson for the day, so we did a page or two of MadLibs - they were FUNNY!  Kiddos loved that!
Spelling lists came from some random web site - I am needing ideas to help them with their spelling words -some fun ways to review and learn them - besides the boring drill.  I have a few things up my sleeve to try , but would love to hear ideas that really work for you!
I was worried about math - that seemed to be the least favorite last year.  For some reason, they jumped right into it and LOVED it.  They *almost* have all of their multiplication facts, so I think they may actually enjoy division - using Math U See is fun because they get to *see* what they are dividing!  Looking forward to a great year in math!
Science is a new thing this year - Flying Creatures of the 5th Day.  I don't remember learning much about the classification system - Kingdom Phylum Class - that was as far as I could get.  Not after today - kiddos thought that was great - I searched the library to see if there were more books showing charts - I will go sometime next week and see if I can find a poster or something -that really struck a direction for both of them - anyone know of some good sites that we can look at that deal with classification of animals?
We wrapped up the day with History - we are on Volume 4 of Story of the World.  They have really learned so much about maps and such - Riley is excited that we are getting to the part where the wars that we are really familiar with happen.  He can't wait until we start the Civil War (just 2 weeks away!)  He is already checking out books about it and asking questions - he may be able to teach me by the time we get there!
All in all it was a great school day.  I even managed to get dinner cooked on time.  Kiddos went over to gramma's house and Rog and I went to the Fire Station.  He is teaching a class on extrication and I worked on data entry  - that I wish I was more caught up on. Been a long day, another one tomorrow - night all!

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