Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bicycle Safety Course

The kiddos got to participate in a 4H/OMK Bicycle Safety Course today.  They weren't crazy about getting up earlier than normal so we could get to River Trail Rentals in NLR on time, but they had a blast!  I dropped them off and they learned some safety things, then took off over the Junction Bridge and rode their bikes in downtown Little Rock (insert shocked smiley here) and had lunch.  They rode around a bit, then came back across the bridge and were ready to go home.
While they were playing bicycle ~ i ran a few errands.  We got home, did some of our school lessons for the day ( I had lessons penciled before this opportunity came up, but I did make it lighter). 
Dinner was hot subs and then while Rog was at a meeting, the kiddos and I cleaned in our rooms. He is home now, and I think we are all headed to bed.

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