Friday, July 10, 2009

Wrap up of this past week

We have had a rather boring week, so there haven't been many updates.  Here are a couple of highlights from this week:
Homemade bread that was made on Monday was a huge hit - ended up making a second loaf and it is almost gone as well.
Decided to make a loaf of cinnamon bread from the same website, to use for french toast on Sat morning.  Will let you know how that turns out.  Sure smells yummy!
Kiddos went to VBS as my uncles church every night this week, from 6-9 - what a long time! but they had a blast!!
They wanted to go to gramma's house and some friends of ours wanted us to go out with them (meaning - I get to watch the guys shoot pool!).  Have a blessed weekend!

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