Sunday, July 19, 2009


Roger and Samantha stayed home from church this morning.  This morning was a hard sermon to here, it was about Heaven and he brought up my granpa a time or two. 
We all met over at mom and dad's to go to family visitation and then stay around for visitation. Rog stayed at mom's with all the kiddos for part of the afternoon so they weren't at the funeral home for such a long period. 
Yesterday, at granpa's house, they pulled out an old foot locker that was full of old papers. After Visitation, we all sat around reading thru some of that stuff.  I wished I would have known my grandpa had that kind of stuff...We surely would have been questioning him about it!  There were draft papers, honorary discharge papers, and TONS of letters (both to home and from home) from his time in WWII.  I got some of the stuff and plan on making a scrapbook out of it!

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