Friday, June 26, 2009

Last boat ride ths trip

We loaded up and headed back out on the boat today.  We were going to head back to the same island that we went to last night with my parents, but when we coasted up to it, two large dogs met us at the shore, so we changed our minds on that one.  Next one wasn't much better - the water dropped off almost immediately, so the kiddos couldn't play there like they had the few days before, and there were critters on that one - we saw an armadillo - eek!  We loaded up, again, and went back to what we named Storm Island (same island that caught us in the rain the other day - also caught us several years ago in a storm).  Rog dropped Chelle and the kiddos and I off and went back to the dock where he met Chris, Billy and the kiddos.  Had a BLAST out on the island.  Billy, Rog and I went out on the boat with Samantha and Riley  - they both wanted to learn to ski, so we gave them a shot at it!
Here is Samantha -she gave it two shots and went a short distance each time:
And here is Riley, he only tried once, he sorta got up, and he went about as far one time as Samantha did in her two:
Billy tried to ski, but couldn't - said it was too hard!  Then Rog skied for a bit.  At the end of the day - we were all tired, but still going strong.  Here is a really cute shot of Samantha when we were headed back in:
Chris, Billy and the kiddos stayed and roasted marshmallows and hung out at the campfire until we were all exhausted - then they had a 2 hour drive home!

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