Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holiday weekend is upon us...

I think Chelle and I finally got the newsletter straight and printed off. Mom dropped it at the printers for me.  My plans were to stay home today, but we ended up having to go pick the newsletters up. Rog worked late and met us at Gramma's house for dinner - tacos! 
While the kiddos were playing, well, Gramma was also (she got a Cricut and was learning how to work it so she can teach the rest of us), I took my planner and next year's math books over there and got all their math for this next year penciled in (in my new planner - that I love!).
Riley is staying the night with Gramma and Samantha is headed to Aunt Chelle's for the night.  We are scrapping there tomorrow, so she is staying there so she can sleep in.
I am off here to figure out what I need to take tomorrow and make sure I have the right things copied, printed off and sorted!

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