Monday, July 27, 2009

GS Backyard Campout

Well, we (the adults) survived the backyard camp-out. All of the girls survived it as well.  The girls did a great job of pitching the tents - for the most part - alone!  They also worked hard at starting and keeping the fire going (Miss Melissa was the best at the fire!) They had hot dogs roasted over the fire, then of course - S'Mores!!  All worked very well together, all helped when it came to messes and cleaning.
The only casualty we had wasn't to bad.  There was a stubbed toe with minimal bleeding and at one point in time I heard 'Mrs. Christa - Tabi's hair is stuck in the zipper!'  We managed to free her and she didn't lose any hair in the process!!  At 1:30am I got up and went over to their tent and gave the final ultimate threat - if they did not close their mouths and eyes and get quiet and go to sleep then this would be the last overnight!  It worked.

I tossed and turned on the hard ground and as I got comfy I was woke up by the dogs.  I had left our tent unzipped for Hershey - I didn't want her scratching in the middle of the night. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was Rascal.  Poor blind dog had sniffed me out and found how to get to me.  I sat up, trying to get Hershey in.  As I was being nice to Hersh - trying anything so I could get some sleep - Rascal made himself comfortable - ON MY SLEEPING BAG!!!!!!
At 6:15, after more tossing and turning, and listening to the silly dog whine because she was scared to come in, I finally got up.  It was nice and cool out, and quiet!  I was the only one up, so I fought Rascal for my quilt and curled up in my chair looking over the JR. book, reading all the things that the girls could do this year - all of the badges they could earn - making notes about things that came to mind as I read over stuff.  Finally about 7, I heard noises from the girls tent.  I tried to get them to be quiet, but that didn't work.  By 8am, they were all up, dressed, had all of their stuff packed up and inside, the tents taken down and were eating breakfast!
The last few to leave left about 10am.  They all had a blast, and I hope that they are not as tired as I am!!

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