Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Busy Day ~

This was just a busy weekend all around!
I tried the Cinnamon bread in French Toast form - I am guessing that it maybe needs to be a little more dried out than it was - it didn't work as French Toast, so the kiddos had it at cinnamon toast - it was still pretty good!
The kiddos and I went to church this morning, even though I was hesitant to wake them!  Service was great! Love it when Brother P says he isn't worried about being PC that he is more concerned with telling the truth!
After church, we did a rush clean on the house since dinner was here.  Then it was out to Grandpa's house for his 87th birthday.  We had a good time out there - lots of family and friends came by to wish him a Happy Day.  My mom had made a slide show of older pics of everyone and we all sat around watching that - over and over and over and over....
Dinner was here - we had Sloppy Scouts (sloppy joes from the Brownie Scout book).  The kiddos all played Wii and the adults played a new game called Maask - kinda weird; another new game called Boom-O -dumb; and then finally Nutsy...until after 10pm. 
Everyone is gone and the kiddos crashed immediately, so I am here playing games on FB and working on a to=do list for tomorrow - well, this week really.

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