Wednesday, June 17, 2009's hot

Rog and a buddy left out first thing this morning to take the boat to the lake.  We didn't get to go due to previous obligations.
Today was a long day and I think it is because it was so hot outside.  We had a few errands to run and then music lessons.  Riley's was an hour this week - he was making up a class...  I am glad his lessons are only 30 minutes...he gets to distracted in an hour.  Although, Mr. Mike did let him play his new electric guitar (Mike's, not Riley's) and he let Riley pull out the microphone and use it while he was singing AND Samantha joined in on one, I am sure it was easy to get distracted with all of that!  He is having fun and he is learning - that is what counts!!
Thursday is Gramma's birthday, so we went straight to her house for a surprise b-day dinner and cake.  Rog got back from taking the boat about the time we all got there...only Gramma was late!  Dinner was really good and after the kiddos all headed out to VBS, we pulled out Guitar Hero Rock Band.  We played for a while, but I didn't care for it so much.  I prefer Dance Dance Revolution! 
I just got in from a meeting, and the family is piled up on my bed watching the HOGS in OT.  I am going to see if I can run them out so I can get some sleep!

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