Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday ERRANDS!!

Lucky for me, Roger was able to go with me today and help me knock out most all of my errands.  We got our 4H meeting place for the fall set, Rog got a few things taken care of, we had lunch with his brother.  Piano lessons got canceled on us, which game us more time to get a few more things taken care of.
Had to run to the GS Office and get their things from Cookie I am faced with the figuring out what belongs to who.  In the past, we have always taken the option of extra $$ over the silly little toys and such that are offered.  Well, this year, since there was some major changes at Council level, we didn't have a choice.  So, now I am faced with how to give my girls their prizes - one who just earned a bandanna thru one who was my top seller and earned several things - including a decent sized stuffed elephant.  How do I handle this? I am thinking I will buy gift bags that are all the same and just put all of their stuff down in there and hand them out at the end of the evening when they are walking out the door... Any suggestions?

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