Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Old Schoolhoue Store

I am not one to spend extra money on magazines.  I have picked up a couple of different ones over time, but have never been able to justify the expense, so have never had a subscription to any of them.  However, there is a website that I do enjoy! The Old Schoolhouse. While I do not currently subscribe to the magazine, I am on the list for almost all of their e Newsletters. In addition to the newsletters, The Old Schoolhouse has many great articles and resources on their site.  Two of their resources is the Schoolhouse Store and Product Reviews. 
One of the latest that they are offering in the Schoolhouse Store is WeE-books.  They are short and sweet helpers!  I have read a few of them and really enjoyed them.  They were an easy read, something I was able to do while I sat down with lunch, or after the kiddos went to bed!
The first one I read was Summertime Blues.  It was almost hard (and sad) to read, considering it is only 45* outside, but I did read it...and I liked it!  The first thing it talks about is -If Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy - and how true this old statement is.  Take some mom time!  Turn the kiddos loose to play and just relax!  Ignore things that normally consume your time and just relax.  Best way to start off the summer!  It goes on to talk about all the fun things that go along with summer time, and how that even some of them are educational and we can sneak in a little schooling!! 
Another WeE-Book that I enjoyed was Simplifying Classical Education. I really like the 'idea' of classical education, but sometimes feel like it is 'too much' for me to take in, let alone relay some of the info to the kiddos!  Reading thru Simplifying Classical Education made me rethink about things and to realize that I don't have to make it that hard.  I plan to go back and re-read my Well Trained Mind and give Teaching the Trivium another try and see if we can work more towards a classical education.
After reading the WeE-Book on Classical Education, and the section on The Great Books, I thought I would check out The Great Books WeE-Book.   I will admit, the eBook was not what I thought it was going to be.  I was thinking it was going to be a list or something of 'The Great Books', but it was not.  I did read thru it anyways, and I did like it, and I feel I did learn from it.  In fact, it really was a great follow up for Simplifying Classical Education.  It went deeper in to explaining to me the WHY of needing to read these great books.
One other eBook that I read from the Schoolhouse Store was Homework.  Homework is made up of several homeschooling moms that also run a business from their home.  While I do not currently run a business, I still felt there were many pointers and tips that I could incorporate into my day and help make things run smoother!  These mom's are not super-mom's, they are just like you and I. The only difference is they have found their groove and are able to roll with it.  That is not saying that they never had bad days, but we all know that when something works, then we stick with it!  For those of you who do run a business or work from the home, this is a great encouragement!  For those of you who are interested in working from home, there are some great resources along with all the tried and true tips!

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