Thursday, March 5, 2009

Destination Disney: Epcot ~ The Sras

This week we are visiting Epcot and The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  This was a truly fun and educational building.  We spent a lot of time in here!  Before you ever go in the building, you are put into your Nemo mode with the seagulls - Mine, Mine, Mine!!  You start off with the Nemo ride where you are underwater and with the help of Nemo, you watch and learn about the ocean.  Very pretty and colorful!  Once you get off the ride, there are HUGE tanks in the building full of all sorts of sea creatures.  We even found a tank that had a couple of Manatees in it - they were injured and would never be able to live in the wild, but they had a pretty kush living there at Disney!

There was a room with Bruce the shark, everyone had to climb in his mouth and get pictures taken, then off to the best part of Nemo - Turtle talk with Crush!  This is a DO NOT MISS in my opinion!  It is an interactive 'screen' where Crush carries on conversations with the children in the room!  Our favorite part of the Seas by far!!

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