Monday, February 16, 2009

The Parthenon

While in Nashville this weekend, we did manage to get in some educational time.  We took off Saturday morning and toured the replica of the Parthenon.  It is in Centennial Park in downtown Nashville.  Here are some shots from the Parthenon and from hanging out at the park.  Mouseover on each picture will tell you about it.
The Parthenon
The little blue dots on the steps are the kiddos!
Those columns were huge!!
The Gryphon on the corner of the building.
Detail around the top.
 The front of Athena sheild
A Gryphon that was in the museum
The other side of Athena's sheild
Up close of her sandal/foot
Here are a couple at the park:
Kiddos on the scooter
A view of the pond

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