Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice? No Ice? Do they really know?

We spent most of yesterday watching the 'pink' on the weather screen get closer and closer to us.  But when we woke this morning, nothing...funny, the schools were all closed though!  I guess they went ahead and closed since the weatherfolks were expecting it to get worse.
Rog was home today, and started to help with school, then he went on a fire call.  The kiddos and I got breakfast started (caramel rolls and monkey bread) and then got started on school work.  Once again, we were piled in front of the fire! 
When Rog came home, Waldo was not far behind him.  They hung out and played Wii.  The kiddos had legos all over my kitchen...
I tried a new pizza crust dough - it was ok - needs some work.  I made homemade pizza's for dinner, Gramma and Chunky joined us and she brought her Wii Fit over and we played on that - until Idol came on, then we lost Rog! 
They are still calling for ice to come tonight- I hope it doesn't, since Rog has to go in tomorrow.

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