Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Update ~ without Kevin Nealon!!

Saturday ~ the kiddos were at Gramma's so I got up and did minimal chores around here, then went to Chelle's house to finish Rog's Christmas present. I spent the rest of the day and well into the night at her house, working on Rog's prezzie and I started on Samantha's Disney book from the Oct trip.  We bought them autograph books while we were there and I decided to use them as their 'memory' from that trip.  When they went in 2006 - Gramma did a big book for each of them, for our June 08 trip, I am working on a small book for each of them, so for the Oct trip - they get autograph books.  I am tearing out that clear sleve that holds the one photo and making it more scrapbooky like - turning out cute so far!! Gramma came over a scrapped for a little while, and brought the kiddos - she took Ry with her when she left - Samantha ended up at Grannie's!

Sunday ~ we got up and went to church this morning - kiddos were still spread across creation!  After church, we took Sis her med and grabbed us a bite.  When we finally got home, I started the laundry, worked on the kitchen and made cookies for evening fellowship.  Once my cookies were finished- Rog was asleep in the recliner, so I crashed on the couch!  We woke up in time to get ready and head back to church!  My parents came and brought Samantha with them and Gramma joined us and brought Ry with her!  They did a 12 Months of Christmas program that was too cute - I will have to get the words to share on here.  After that, one of our young adults sang - beautifully I might add (she should go on American Idol!).  Then the best part of the whole evening - Brother R called 12 different guys to join him on stage - Rog was one of them - and gave them all cue cards.  They ended up singing the 12 Days of Christmas!!  It was the funniest thing - because no one knew he was going to have them up there!! After we alll calmed down from rolling laughter -we were dismissed for fellowship and dinner - while we were eating - we were interrupted by some large guy from the North Pole in a red suit!  The kiddos all loved it!!  We left church, picked up some friends and headed out for the annual light tour - including a really cool house that is in sync with the music!!

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