Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Review

We had a pretty busy weekend, but we had alot of fun! 

Friday ~ The kiddos and I hung out hereall morning, we did a few chores, we were waiting for Roger to get home, because his plans were to go to deer camp.  Once he left, we were going to head out and do our errands....when he got home at noon, he had decided to not go to deer camp, but stay home because he wanted us to go out with the guys he works with.  He called Gramma and she agreed to keep the kiddos for the night. We ran our errands - including going to lunch, finishing Christmas shopping, grabbing some groceries, then dropping the kiddos off at Grammas house.  We came home and unloaded and cleaned out the car and put away things.  Chelle came around and we went to Firehouse Subs (one of my faves!) for dinner, then met the guys (and a few girls that I didn't know) at a place I used to go to all the time and dance (which was why I was excited about going out - I wanted to dance!!)  Turns out, they didn't really play the kind of music you could line dance to and I can't dance any other way...but, we had a load of fun and stayed out way to late!!

Saturday ~ Even though we were out late, I had to get up and get moving earlier than I wanted to...Got up and got ready, then went to grab the kiddos.  Samantha and I had Girl Scout function to attend.

We went to a local nursing home and played BINGO with some of the residents.  We got there early and the girls made cookies (we cheated and used break and bake for these - we made them homemade to send to our soldier overseas).The girls took turns calling and playing the game. We had little prim ornaments to hand out as they won (of course, we made sure everyone went home with something). The ladies were having a great time, until we got ran out the rec room by a wasn't on the schedule, but they came in and took over where we were playing.  One of the ladies that was loving the BINGO game even came back and told us that the church was not on the schedule and we shouldn't assured them that all the girls had a great time and we would come back and visit them soon...So, any ideas of what we can do with 9 year olds and a group of elderly ladies?

After we got home from the home, I had Em over to spend the night.  While we were having dinner, Gramma called and asked to take the kiddos all to see the lights here in the area - I told her I had an extra, but she didn't care - so she came to get them and I crawled in my chair to read - and I had help - Yes, that is me in my big cozy chair reading - and both of the big dogs decided I looked lonely, so they were nice enough to join me - they did help me stay warm.  I fell asleep while reading and Roger made me go to bed - I don't know when the kiddos all got back or anything - I crashed at 8pm and was out for the night...I guess staying out late with our friends Friday night caught up with me!!  I guess I am too old for that...

Sunday ~ Roger had to work today, Chelle came over early and got Em, and the kiddos and I went to church.  After church, we went to my mom's -she had her annual Christmas Open House.  We get to see folks that we only see on occasion, and just hang out and chat with friends and family.  It is always a nice time. Upon arriving home we noticed this on our doorstep:

I don't know if you can see it or not, but the card with it is signed Santa.  The kiddos were so excited that Santa came early and left something on the doorstep...It is a gingerbread sleigh kit - as we work on it, I will keep you updated.

It has been a long busy weekend, but it has been a great one!  I am watching Survivor, and the winter weather watch that we are under for this week (even though it was 65* today). As soon as Survivor goes off, hoping Bob gets it - for some reason I have liked him all along - I am headed to bed. 

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