Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Icy out...

and Roger still had to go to work... I asked him to call me when he got there, so I would be able to go back to sleep....he said it wasn't too bad out. 

By noonish, it had cleared completely!  I took Samantha to the dr because she cannot kick her coughing spells...he put her on some pill, so we shall see how that works....

The kiddos went to church tonight - Poppi picked them up because I went out to eat with mom, Chelle and a few of her friends...we went to Applebee's and had dinner, then back to one of the ladies houses for dessets and chatting.  It wasn't too late when we got home - but it was past the kiddos bed time - so I sent them on.

It is almost midnight, and as I walked down the halls and found a light on, I switched it off - I heard a little voice say - Momma - I almost finished with Chapter One of Sohpie's World.  YAY!!  Samantha was reading a chapter book - who cares that it was midnight!!!  I don't care how late they stay up if they are wanted to read!!

Ok, now it is time for me to head to bed! Nite all....

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