Thursday, December 11, 2008

A do nothing type day...

Since the kiddos were finally home and in their own beds....they slept.  I think alot of it had to do with the fact that they were not feeling all that great this week as well.

They did a little unschooling today (but I would never tell them) and really kept themselves pretty busy.  Here is a sampling of thier day:

They immediately starting playing games this morning - and let me tell you, they were some funny games!  After breakfast, they pulled out art supplies and made cards and decorations for Christmas.  From there, they proceeded onto beading, makig plenty of necklaces for all the Barbies and stuffed animals in the house.  After lunch time, they settled in to the make shift movie theater (aka:Samantha's bed) along with the entire Barbie population of the house to watch Polar Express.  Even though it was cold outside, we couldn't skip the PE aspect of the day, so they spent a good part of the evening rollerskating up and down the hall...very loudly I might add....After dinner, they pulled out the Christmas box and spent time coloring and doing more art until I told them it was bedtime.  What a busy day they had.

And what did I do while they were doing all of this?  I worked on - started, but never finished - cleaning in the office....I think it is  a never ending job....

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