Thursday, December 25, 2008

At mom's for the day

This morning, we (meaning Chelle and I) were supposed to get up and head to Brinkley to pick up some elderly family members and bring them back to mom's house. Mom called first thing and said they were not up to coming and visiting, so I went back to sleep...hopefully to deter another day of feeling bad.  It did work - a little.

Roger was at the station, so the kiddos and I headed over to mom's to visit with some family from out of town. We enjoyed a good visit with them and then ended up staying at mom's way to late...

I got new games for Christmas, what do you expect??

We played Pictureureka - it was ok; In A Pickle - was great; Uno Flash - GREAT and Toss Up - way fun!  We also got Uno Spin, but didn't make it to that one yet.

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