Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today was too long...

I dropped the kiddos off at Gramma's house at 8:30 this morning and went to pick up mom.  We spent today running some errands that deal with my life changing issue from yesterday. And when I say today, I mean ALL DAY LONG!  I picked the kiddos up in time to take them to church and drop them off for dinner.  I didn't stay at church tonight due to another meeting.  Mom picked the kiddos up from church then I retrieved them from her when my meeting got out.  It was a long day!

On a funny note - that makes the day even longer - when we got home at 10pm, I told the kiddos -Pj's, feed the dogs and go to bed.  Riley comes to me and says - um mom, I have been meaning to tell you.  We need dog food.  So, at 10pm, I am loading up kiddos in Pj's and heading to WalMart to buy some dog food.  That they are out of!


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