Thursday, November 20, 2008


In the process of our errands on Tuesday, I had to go to the Girl Scout office and pick up my troops fall sale stuff.  Well, this morning, everything was still where we dropped it on Tuesday.  Once we got thru our chores from yesterday that we missed because we were out on our field trip, and our school work that we needed to do today - we started in sorting orders. I had them almost seperated and one of my moms calls me to let me know they were not going to be there tonight...ugh...that is two. So I told her to come get her stuff.  While she was on her way, I canceled the meeting. When she arrived, I had dumped everyone's boxes out and started over - because I was way off somewhere and stressed to the max!  She came in and helped me sort things and took her's and another moms.  Thanks Marie!

The kiddos had dinner, and their baths and they are in bed watching a movie.  I am headed there myself to watch ER.

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