Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Storage Space

We are running out of room at the Fire Department.  We have a building, but it is running out of space, and now with the Ladies Auxiliary meeting there and started to collect 'things' and need a space to store our things.  We have priced totes and such and we are looking into pricing some wood containers. The things we have to store are holiday decorations and extra supplies.  We have Annual Open Houses and Spaghetti/Chili Dinners - we have gotten supplies such as plates, bowls, cups, utensils all donated to us in mass quanity and need a more effective and attractive way to store it.  Right now, it is all stored in the original boxes in the corner of the training area - that is real attractive (hear the sarcasm?). 

We have heard that there are new building plans in the works, and we are all hinting that the Ladies Auxiliary would love a teeny, tiny space to call our own.  I wouldn't feel bad about stacking containers up in the corner of our room, but I do kinda feel bad taking up their space. I don't think they mind it so much, because they know that what we do helps them out, but I still can't help but feeling that way.

Does anyone have any storage space solutions that they would like to share?

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