Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday ~ Deer Widows Date Night

Today was a rough day.  It was also COLD outside!

Samantha went with gramma this morning to do some shopping while I had a meeting here at the house. The meeting ended up being later than I thought it would be, so I did some more cleaning - working on the office -to pass the time. Meeting went OK, and I hope that is all they need from me for now.  I am about stressed out over this.

I picked up Samantha and we ran out to MelMel's house to see the new baby  - she is a week old tomorrow.  What a sweetie.

Back at home we started a game of Pixar Monopoly.  We played until Aunt June picked us up.  She took us shopping - at Kohl's - got Samantha a cute night gown and me a velour outfit that is nice enough to wear out in public, but comfy enough to wear around the house.  Samantha also got some headbands (on clearance for $1!) and some Littlest Pet Shop sets.  She took us out to eat at IHOP.  We had a fun evening - Aunt June looks forward to this time of year so she can 'buy pink'!  She has 2 grandsons and Riley, Samantha and Em - well, Em is pretty tomboy and doesn't care for pink, so Samantha is her only outlet for that.

Samantha wanted to play with her new toys, so she is sitting in my bed doing that, waiting for me to come to bed.

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