Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A day full of Indians!!

Today we had a field trip with our homeschool group!!  It was a very full day and the kidds learned so much about Indians!

We started our day out at Toltec Mounds.  We got a tram guided tour around the grounds.  Our park interpreter was AWESOME!!  It was cold out, so it was the quick version!  Once we were in out of the cold, we learned about the grounds and about the indians that once lived there.  She shared a lot of artifacts with us- that were found there on the grounds.  We learned about the food they ate, the shelter's they lived in and the tools they used.  All of the kiddos got to take a turn at using a blowdart gun.

After our tour, we all had a picnic lunch in a heated pavillion, the kiddos got to check out some more of the artifacts.

From there, we headed to Arkansas Museum of Discovery.  The first part of the MoD was listening to SD Youngwolf of the Cherokee Tribe.  He shared several folktales, some music and a couple of dances.  We went to another part of the museum and learned the history of Arkansas Indians.  Another cool thing while we were there, they are hosting the Mystery of the Mayian Medallion that we got to go thru as part of our admission.  The kiddos thaought that was really neat!

Whew...what a long day.  We left the house at 8:30 this morning and didn't return home until 4:30 in the afternoon.  The kiddos decided they didn't want to go to church, they just wanted to chill for the evening. 

Roger was hunting, so I fixed the kiddos dinner and waited for him to eat.  As soon as he got home, a friend called wanting his help.  He ate a quick bite with me then went to his friends...on his way from there, the fire department got called out on a vehicle accident.  That is where he is now...I guess I am going to bed!

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