Saturday, October 4, 2008

Glutton for punishment?

WOW! What a day we have had!!  We got up super early and Rog and Riley went to softball practice.  Rog then ran a few errands and took Riley to Gramma's house. Rog and his dad headed to the deer woods.  Samantha and I met 3 other Girl Scouts and a mom at the church and we took off to Greenbriar to Johnstons' Pumpkin Patch. The girls went thru 6 different stations at the patch, including a hay ride and a petting zoo of sorts.  They got to pick a pie pumpkin and we had a picnic lunch there.

After we dropped the rest of the crew off, we grabbed Riley, then headed home to get cleaned up for the Ghoul Scout Gala!  Riley was a mighty hunter! And Samantha was the spider princess!  (Mom was cheap and we made costumes from what we had at home!). All of my girls showed up, they had a great time!  One of the girls, and one of the tag alongs (my friends' son) came home with me. It is 11:45 and I *think* all is finally quiet around here. I am tired, but will not go to bed until they are all asleep!

The tricky part will be this - we are going to church in the morning!  Four kiddos up, fed, dressed and brushed -plus me - and out the door by 9:45 - we shall see!!

I will post some pictures next week.  I have to go thru and pick out the ones that are just my kiddos and not any other scouts.

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