Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday ~ on the road!

Our original plans were to leave at 5am, so we didn't hit Memphis at rush hour traffic time this morning.  Well, Roger woke me up at 5:50, told me everything was ready to go, that I needed to get dressed so we could leave!  An hour off schedule first thing!!  We hit the road and had a great day of driving with no issues. We did go thru a rain storm right inside the state of GA, followed by a beautiful rainbow! 

Our final destination for today was Ocala, FL.  We were meeting the kiddos there - and we got there before they did! 

Our first tragedy of the trip - while waiting in the parking lot for the rest of them to arrive, Roger was standing on the curb, which ended up being the gateway to a FireAnt Haven - so his left foot was bitten 5 times by fire ants right off the bat.


 Picture for all of our trip will follow at a later date (when I get them all from my father inlaw and all loaded to photobucket).

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