Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do you feel safe?

Recently, I had a major scare.  Not sure where I had been, but we weren't gone for long when I topped the little hill at the corner of my house and saw my carport door was open.  I panicked!  I was on the phone with a friend, that is part of the fire department and she panicked also.  Told me whatever I do, do not go into the house.  Well, that scared me even more.  She said she was on her way over and to call the police.  The police showed up, went thru the house, while the kiddos and I were waiting in the car!  He came out to get me, brought me back in and showed me a few things.  One, I had a bottle of my meds that I had just refilled sitting on the table- police said that by that still being there, he was pretty confident that no one had been in, that the door had been blown open.  Then he fussed at me about using the deadbolt, but that is a whole other story (but I do use my deadbolt - everytime I leave now).

Roger saw how shook up I was and he suggested checking into a Home Security System. My inlaws have an alarm, and I am scared of it. Mainly because I have set it off a time or two and never remember my password!  We checked into home security when we moved here, we even have markings on the door frame as to where the wires need to go, but never went any further than that. 

Since we have been planning some time away down at deer camp, we are looking into getting a security system.  I know that it would be the best for us, but it still scares me.

Do you have a security system or an alarm? Will you share your 'why you should have one' spill with me?

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