Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

SATURDAY ~ Roger came home from work and we had a yummy breakfast of 'toad in a hole' and then he and the kiddos headed off to his ball practice.  I worked on the puzzle from yesterday until Samantha called me and wanted me to come get her.  Once Roger and Riley got home, we took them to gramma's (she didn't get them Friday night because she thought they were going to get the boat today, but witht he weather, they decided to hold off on that. She called first thing Sat morning and said she wanted the kiddos).  Roger and I ran and grabbed some groceries before the weather started in.  We picked up a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken for lunch (it was YUMMY!!) and then we hung out at the house for the afternoon.  Dinner was at his mom and dads then we grabbed some Sonic ice cream.  We were back and forth at the fire department today, and thought with Hurrican Ike coming thru we would be there even more, but we weren't.

SUNDAY ~ We went to church, then home to finish off the chicken for lunch.  I had a baby shower to attend and he and the kiddos went shopping with his parents (his dad thinks that the kiddos need a gun for Youth Hunt).  We all meet back at my parents house for dinner and RAGE!  We have wore those cards out - we need to find a new

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