Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seriously, in the blink of an eye...

That is how fast it happens. 
We came home from the field trip, I loaded the pictures, blogged, did some things around here, and battled taking a nap to late in the afternoon.  My mil came and got the kiddos (that was a blessing in disguise) and I waited with tired eyes for Roger to get home. 
While he was gone - he had ran to the sports store with a friend - our fire department got a call.  It was one of those that you never want to hear.  It was one that there was nothing I could do but wait by the phone.  I finally got tired of waiting and called my mom. 
The ambulance was called to a house in the neighborhood I grew up in, called to a house that is across the street from my parents, called to a house that a childhood friend of mine lived for the 20 years we lived there.  Her dad, my parents neighbor and good friend had a massive heart attack and his wife, my moms best friend, came home and found him in the shed, unconsious. 
When I called mom, she said she didn't think he made it. They had taken him to the hospital, but he had been unconscious for to long.  Roger and I went over there immediately.  I stayed at their house with my mom and my sister, answering the phone, doing a little cleaning, and starting the lists of who brought what and trying to find places to put stuff that already was coming in.  We got a call later on that was a confirmation that Warren had passed.
Warren was not only a neighbor and family friend, he was also a NLR FF as well as part of our local volunteer department. 
Saturday morning, Roger had to work, and the FD pager woke me - letting me know that chief wanted to see us all about Warren.  After spending some time there, my sis and I went back over to his house and stayed there doing more of the same, while the family was making funeral arrangements. Her employer showed up with a truck full of stuff that we helped unload and take care of. Once they returned from the funeral home, we hung out helping with as much as we could. When things finally calmed down there, and just the family was there, we left so they could be alone.
It was a long, eye opening weekend.  I made me stop and think about how fast life can change. 
Please keep this family in your prayers, as this is going to be a tough time for them.  The funeral will be a full fledge fire fighter funeral, and I am a little nervous about going -this is something that, as a firefighters wife, I need to emotionally prepare myself for. Please pray.

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