Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogger Friend School #103

Assignment: How do you keep energized so you can get it all done? bouncy music? treat it like a workout? Do you use a schedule?, a housekeeping binder system? luck of the draw system?.. or is this an area where you need encouragement? Do you need God’s help to keep order and beauty in your dwelling place? Take this week to tell us how You diligently keep going with your housekeeping chores.

Good question.  I am going to say this is an area I struggle in, due mainly to my health issues. 

I have tried different things - I love the idea of the notebook - it doesn't work for me.  I like Flylady, except that I never felt like my entire house was picked up at the same time.  I tried dividing chores between the kiddos and that works well, especially during times to train them.  I have tried something totally different this school year, and it seems to be working. I guess we are using a schedule this year.

Kitchen: I get up and unload the dishwasher each morning, it is everyones job to rinse what you use and load.  We all pitch in and clean up after meals, so all I have to do is start the dishwasher before we go to bed.  This has worked out great.

Laundry: I wash mine and Roger's clothes, towels, sheets, along with kitchen towels on M, W, F.  Wash, dry, fold and put away.  Riley has Tuesday.  He does his clothes (usually just one load) his towels, and his sheets when needed.  Samantha has Thursday's.  This has worked out GREAT!  We will continue on with this.  It usually just means one load a day.  If we need to do more, than is fine.  If there is ever a day that we are out of pocket, then whoever was supposed to wash that day gets first dibs on the machine the next day.

Bedrooms: They must be clean before the get to eat breakfast.  This has not been an issue.

Family room: Mostly just the kiddos things that they need to pick up.

Bathrooms: We are working on this...will let you know if it gets mean if we figureout something that works.

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  1. I like the day for each person's wash-that sounds good. I may just implement that one. Love your firefighter themed blog-very nice. Blessings


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