Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quiet Wednesday

My kiddos went to Grannie's house last night, so I got to sleep in a bit this morning.  Chunky got here not to long after my shower and we ran a few errands.  He was pretty sleepy, so after lunch, he crashed on the couch.  Mom brought Sis and Ry home right before MIL got here to pick Chunky up.  She is off work until Monday, so she took all 3 of them to swim at her house- she called a bit ago and said they were staying.

So, until our neighbors set off the mondo fireworks that seriously scared both me and the dogs outta our was a quiet day.

I did manage to get part of my curriculum ordered.  I still have a couple things that I need to pick up at Mardel's. I have our Math, History, FIAR and a Home Ec, so I spent some time today planning!  YAY!  I have all of our history penciled in, and several weeks of FIAR picked out. I have a notebook started for library lists - I use the additional reading lists with SOTW and several go-alongs with FIAR, so I make a library notebook listing the books I want for the week.  Once I get on track of reserving them from the library in time to pick them up to have them here for the right week - it goes well....but I have trouble getting on that track. 

Oh, and one of my Girl Scout moms came over for a while this evening, and we planned out some things for the girls to do at a sleep over we will be having with them next month.  I am glad to have that done.  I still need to make a list of what we need and get a little more organized with it, but the part I was dreading is out of the way thanks to Melissa!

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