Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

I pray that you were as blessed as I was today!  Rog got up and went with my sister to her work to help put some furniture together, leaving me with Ry, Sis and Em.  The kiddos slept in, because they giggled well into the night, and then played very well together for the rest of the day. Once Rog and Chelle got home, Chelle and Em left and we got ready to go to the city's big firework deal.  Since it is election year, it is a big thing - lots of people for those who are running for office to make contact with!

We took mil and went there, roamed the grounds, had some dinner, listened to some music and let the kids play. We ran into some family of mine with a 12 year old boy that the kiddos love to play with, so he entertained them for a while. We also ran into several people that we only see on occasion - a few people I went to school with, and some other friends.

Here is my blessing for the day - I have a very dear friend that lives in Georgia - her family is here, so we do get together quite a bit considering, and we have been to visit them as well.  Anyways, I got a message from her earlier today saying she was in town thru the 10th and had some time to get together if we could - well, we can't - we have some other stuff going on.  I was pretty bummed about it when I sent her the message, she replied saying we would plan better at Christmas time when they came home.  So, we get all settled in to watch the firework display and my phone rings- it is her!  She ended up at the same place we were and happened to walk by my van and recognize it!!  We met up and her family- mom, sister's and their hubbies - all sat with us.  So, even though it wasn't a planned event and we wish we could have spent some time with them, it was still great to be able to see her and the kiddos and just give them all a hug!  We will plan better for Christmas time!  Love you Amy!

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