Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today was a nice day.  I had to take care of Chunky this morning, drop him off at his other grammas at 9 am.  From there, my mom and the kiddos (Sis, Ry and Em) and I all went to Brinkley.  The kiddos and I haven't been since my great-aunt's funeral in October.  We have seen our family members though.

At the exit from the freeway, we saw a sign that said Depot Museum. I had never noticed it before, so I asked mom about it.  She had no idea either, so we headed off to find it. It was a neat place, but it was a train museum.  We walked thru the stuff, a train came thru while we were there - highlight for the kiddos. What I thought was the coolest about the place - it was the point where the N/S trains and the E/W trains both came into.  They had a display about all of that- it was pretty neat.

After we left there, we headed to Uncle K's house - he wasn't home.  We really weren't surprised, he has his coffee every morning at the McD's with all of his buddies.  We drove the next block over to see if we could find Aunt J's stone.  We parked almost right even with it, and walked away from it for a few rows, then turned back and found it immediately.  I didn't have my camera with me today, which I should have, but I have a picture that will stay in my head forever - my mom and my two kiddos standing out in the cemetary at my aunts stone - it was just a picture perfect setting.

We made the block back and Uncle K was home.  We stopped in and visited with him for about an hour. When we first got there, he asked if we came to join him for lunch.  We polietely declined - telling him we promised the kids McD's.  After we chatted with him for a while, he said, well if you don't mind, I will be joining you and the kiddos for  He is so funny, some of the things that he says just have me and my sister cracking up.  When we spent so much time with him when my aunt was sick and after she passed - he kept us in stitches-  and it was hard, because we were exactly in a laughing place. Later, my mom said - he is a really routine oriented person, and I got tickled, and asked, so was him inviting himself to join us for lunch *which I am glad he did - I am in no way saying that negatively* was his way of saying - lunch time and you are interrupting my day. Mom laughed with me and said, yes, probably so.

Lunch was a nice time of more visiting him - the kiddos played outside for a while. Then we went out of town a little further to visit Aunt L and Uncle M. Surprsingly, my Uncle F was there as well.  Uncle M is 83 and in not so great health. He was doing very well today.  They live next to a rice/corn/soybean field - not sure what it is - and the kiddos love it! They run thru the fields playing...chasing the cats and dogs. We visited with the three of them for a long time.  It was sad when it was time to go - they are in such bad health and far away - makes for a sad combo to me. *For the record -I can tell what corn looks like in comparision to beans and rice -the field seems to always be empty when we are there - or low.  I actually think that they are not corn, but rice.

On the way home, the kiddos found a madlib pad.  We did several of them, and laughed the entire time.  Mom was laughing with us. Nothing like sneaking in a funny grammar lesson!

Tonight, we had a Ladies Auxiliary meeting.  We are planning a chili supper for the fall, and we are working on some recruitment for the Fire Department.

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  1. Hi Christa~

    Just popping in to say Hi.....sounds like you are busy having fun....I think it's really neat that you have so much family around you and you all seem so close.....

    Have a great day~ Karen (TGR)


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